sábado, 21 de julio de 2007

Television Personalities - They could have been bigger than The Beatles

Ehmmmm, en este momento debo retirarme. Así que si querés saber algo de esta banda, tené la amabilidad de dirigirte a este link.

1 - Three Wishes
2 - David Hockneys Diary
3 - In A Perfumed Garden
4 - Flowers For Abigail
5 - King And Country
6 - Boy In The Paisley Shirt, The
7 - Games For Boys
8 - Painter Man
9 - Psychedelic Holiday
10 - 14th Floor
11 - Sootys Disco Party
12 - Makin Time
13 - When Emily Cries
14 - Glittering Prizes, The
15 - Anxiety Block
16 - Mysterious Ways

Haciendo click en este link podés acceder al disco en cuestión.

5 comentarios:

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf dijo...

Once again; another great post. At some point I'm gonna post The Painted Word by TV Personalities, my fav of theirs and also Fallen Angels (Knox + Hanoi Rocks)one of my fav ever lps, incase yer interested. Top blog folks.

spyder-woman dijo...

gone - too sad, I'm too late! any chance of a re-upload?

The Secretary of Funk dijo...

I second the request for a re-up.

Anónimo dijo...

sería genial un re-up, maestro.

X HuGo FiEnD X dijo...

Podrías resubirlo, muchas gracias!


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