sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2008

The Adverts - The wonders don't care

Disculpen si no hablo mucho. Es que estoy medio jodido de la garganta.

01 One Chord Wonders
02 Bored Teenagers

03 Gary Gilmores Eyes
04 New Boys
05 Quickstep
06 We Who Wait
07 New Church
08 Safety In Numbers
09 The Great British Mistake
10 Fate Of Criminal

11 Television's Over
12 Love Songs
13 Back From The Dead
14 I Surrender
15 The Adverts
16 I Looked at the Sun
17 Cast of Thousands
18 I Will Walk You Home

From click to punk rock.

Faltan 39 días para que vuelva "Lost".

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ho,please,reup me Seventeen - A flashing blur of stripped down excitement


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Flowers, B.A.

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