viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008

The Damned - Sessions of the Damned (BBC Recordings 1976-1984)

1-Stab Your Back
2-Neat, Neat, Neat
3-New Rose
4-So Messed Up
5-I fall
6-Sick of begin Sick
7-Stretcher case baby
8-Fan Club
9-Feel the Pain
10-Melody Lee
11-I'm a Burglar
12-Love Song
13-Looking at You
14-I just can't be Happy Today
15-Smash it Up
16-I'm Bored
17-Curtain Call pt 1
19-It is a Dream
21-We love You
22-Thanks for the Night

HOy les hacemos entrega de un lindo disco para la damnedoteca

q lo disfruten



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