domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

Nikki Sudden - Waiting On Egypt

Nikki Sudden’s first solo album since the demise of the Swell Maps. It continues in that sort of lo-fi vein, but also points toward the more laid back bluesy acoustic rock’n’roll path he would follow for the rest of his career until his untimely death in 2006. No one should be without at least one Nikki Sudden Record/CD/MP3/Cassette in their music collection. A genius, Stay Bruised!
1) Back To The Start
2) Knife my Heart
3) Still Full Of Shocks
4) I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys
5) Stuck On China
6) Channel Steamer
7) Ringing On My Train
8) Curfew Island (The Low Bridge)
9) Fashion Cult
10) Forest Fire
11) New York
12) Johnny Smiled Slowly
13) All The Gold
14) Back To The Start (Bonus)
15) Waiting For The Siege (Bonus)
16) Looking Out (Bonus)
17) Redlands (Bonus)
18) Opium Pits (Bonus)
19) Act Together (Bonus)
Get it HERE! but be quick ‘cos download will be deleted after a week (or so)

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Taringa dijo...

Hola Taringuero!

Queremos invitarte a que conozcas el nuevo espacio no oficial que hemos creado, La papelera de Taringa.

Envianos tu captura crap a:

La Papelera de Taringa

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you very much for this one.

Lo-Res Viscera dijo...

Gracias, homie.

Anónimo dijo...

Big thanks for this. I've loved Swell Maps for a l-o-n-g time but never really checked out Nikki's solo stuff - GREAT album! IBx

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you very much Great music


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