lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Automatics - Rarities

Hacía meses que no me levantaba tan temprano. Si tuviese un perro lo sacaría y compraría el diario. En pijama, por supuesto.

1.When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again
2.Danger Signs
3.Dumb Games
4.Run Forever
5.Watch her now
6.Wild One
7.Radio Blaring Out from a Burning Car
8.Winter Girls
9.Walking with the radio on
10. Like a moth into a flame
11. Love among the heavy machines
12.I don`t wanna think about it
13.Dead end Street
14.Wild One
15.You can`t catch me
16.Run Forever
17.Like a moth into a flame

From click to eternity.

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