miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

The Outcasts - The Punk Singles Collection

Acá iba a haber un chiste pero hubo un malentendido y una posterior discusión que fue aumentando de tono y terminamos todos a las piñas y diciéndonos cosas hirientes. Mentira.

1.: You're A Disease
2.: Don't Want To Be No Adult
3.: Frustration
4.: Just Another Teenage Rebel
5.: Love Is For Sops
6.: Cops Are Comin'
7.: Self Conscious Over You
8.: Love You For Never
9.: Cyborg
10.: Magnum Force
11.: Gangland Warfare
12.: Programme Love
13.: Beating And Screaming (part 1)
14.: Beating And Screaming (part 2)
15.: Mania
16.: Angel Face
17.: Gangland Warfare (version 2)
18.: Nowhere Left To Run
19.: Running's Over Time To Pray
20.: Ruby
21.: Seven Deadly Sins
22.: Swamp Fever (7" version)
23.: 1969 (7" version)
24.: Psychotic Shakedown
25.: Blue Murder

From click to eternity.

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Anónimo dijo...

This blog is soooooooo great. Love the comments, love the music. Many many many thanks for sharing all this stuff.

usted dijo...

i know! i love me... not!

Subculture dijo...
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Subculture dijo...

Thx for this one! Great blog, keep posting.

Check my punk/hardcore blog http://social-subproducts.blogspot.com/

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