lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

Stride & Plain - New guitars in town

Listo. Ya pagué el teléfono.

1. Laugh At Me
2. School Girls
3. Cold Old Night
4. He'll Have To Go
5. Just Like A Clown
6. Half The Time
7. New Guitar In Town
8. Cure For Love
9. Restless Kind
10. You Better Move On
11. Pick Me Up

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lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Automatics - Rarities

Hacía meses que no me levantaba tan temprano. Si tuviese un perro lo sacaría y compraría el diario. En pijama, por supuesto.

1.When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again
2.Danger Signs
3.Dumb Games
4.Run Forever
5.Watch her now
6.Wild One
7.Radio Blaring Out from a Burning Car
8.Winter Girls
9.Walking with the radio on
10. Like a moth into a flame
11. Love among the heavy machines
12.I don`t wanna think about it
13.Dead end Street
14.Wild One
15.You can`t catch me
16.Run Forever
17.Like a moth into a flame

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miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

The Outcasts - The Punk Singles Collection

Acá iba a haber un chiste pero hubo un malentendido y una posterior discusión que fue aumentando de tono y terminamos todos a las piñas y diciéndonos cosas hirientes. Mentira.

1.: You're A Disease
2.: Don't Want To Be No Adult
3.: Frustration
4.: Just Another Teenage Rebel
5.: Love Is For Sops
6.: Cops Are Comin'
7.: Self Conscious Over You
8.: Love You For Never
9.: Cyborg
10.: Magnum Force
11.: Gangland Warfare
12.: Programme Love
13.: Beating And Screaming (part 1)
14.: Beating And Screaming (part 2)
15.: Mania
16.: Angel Face
17.: Gangland Warfare (version 2)
18.: Nowhere Left To Run
19.: Running's Over Time To Pray
20.: Ruby
21.: Seven Deadly Sins
22.: Swamp Fever (7" version)
23.: 1969 (7" version)
24.: Psychotic Shakedown
25.: Blue Murder

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lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

T.V. Smith - In the arms of my enemy

Me parece que éste es el último de TV Smith. Y también me parece que los odio a todos. Sobre la pantalla hay un afiche de los Village People. ¿Cómo se llama la peli? "Postergay".

1. Get It Now

2. See Through
3. Together Alone
4. Its Warming Up
5. Backstage Bob
6. I Wish I Could See Clearly
7. Weak Glue
8. In The Arms Of My Enemy
9. Open Up Your Heart
10. Clone Town

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miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

Makin' Time - Rhythm!: The Complete Countdown Recordings

La satisfacción que me produce el saber que brindo un servicio eficiente en esto de subir discos a internet.

1. Pump It Up
2. Feels Like It's Love
3. Here Is My Number
4. Eating Up The Cold
5. Every Single Day
6. Only Time Will Tell
7. Honey
8. Nothing Else
9. Girl That Touched My Soul
10. Where The Rhythm Takes You
11. I Know What You're Thinking
12. Did I Tell You
13. I Get A Love From You
14. Stop This Cryin' Inside
15. Once Again
16. I Take What I Want
17. I Gotta Move
18. Boom Boom
19. Take What You Can Get
20. Walk A Thin Line
21. Honey
22. Here Is My Number
23. Feels Like It's Love

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domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

The Lurkers - The punk singles collection

Una de las cosas más interesantes de este domingo es el helado que voy a tomar mientras miro una de Jim Jarmusch.

1. Shadow

2. Love Story

3. Freak Show

4. Mass Media Believer

5. Ain't Got a Clue

6. Ooh Ooh I Love You

7. I Don't Need to Tell Her

8. Pills

9. Just Thirteen

10. Countdown

11. Out in the Dark

12. Cyanide

13. Suzie Is a Floozie

14. Cynaide

15. New Guitar in Town

16. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me

17. This Dirty Town

18. Wolf at the Door

19. Drag You Out

20. Heroin (It's All O
21. Frankenstein Again

22. One Man's Meat

23. Let's Dance Now (No Time to Be Strangers)

24. Midnight Hour

25. Shut Out the Light

26. By the Heart

27. Go Ahead Punk Make My Day

28. Lucky John

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Paco, éxtasis, ser flogger... Ahora los padres tienen otra cosa de la que preocuparse:


It’s been a long time. (Apologies Usted and co.) Anyway here’s my favourite album of last year, it’s got passion, soul and power; like Bruce Springsteen meeting The Clash. A truly uplifting listen in these times of global financial and social turmoil.

01. Great Expectations
02. The ‘59 Sound
03. Old Whit Lincoln
04. High Lonesome
05. Film Noir
06. Miles Davis and The Cool
07. The Patient Ferris Wheel
08. Casanova, Baby!
09. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
10. Meet Me At The Rivers Edge
11. Here’s Looking At You, Kid
12. The Backseet

Download here


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