miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008

Carbon/Silicon - The Last Post

Thought I’d make my first post; The Last Post by Carbon/Silicon. My favourite album of 2007. Mick Jones and Tony James have been friends for over 30 years since they first met at a Heavy Metal Kids gig, From the almost mythical London SS to The Clash and Generation X then to Big Audio Dynamite AND Sigue Sigue Sputnik, they are both true Rock’N’Roll pioneers and visionaries. When they first got together as Carbon/Silicon all their material was released as MPFrees through their web site, and now when other bands have caught on to the internet as a way of making their music available, Carbon/Silicon release their ’debut’ on the more traditional CD format.
01 The News
02 The Magic Suitcase
03 The Whole Truth
04 Caesars Palace
05 Tell It Like It Is
06 War On Culture
07 What The Fuck
08 Acton Zulus
09 National Anthem
10 Really The Blues
11 Oilwell
12 Why Do Men Fight?
Limited Edition download, only available for a week. TIMES UP!!

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Thanks! Great first post. Much appreciated.

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discazo, gracias!


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