domingo, 27 de enero de 2008

The Vibrators - Noise boys

Vibrators para todos. Blablablablablablabla.

1 - War zone
2 - Sulphate
3 - Destroy
4 - Fall in love
5 - Nazy baby
6 - Noise boys
7 - One time
8 - Ticket to paradise
9 - She's a boy
10 - Going uptown
11 - Rain rain rain
12 - Vipers in the dark
13 - Pushing too hard
14 - All you need's a name
15 - I think you're lovely
16 - Strange kinda world

Haciendo click acá te bajás el disco.

4 comentarios:

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf dijo...

Alright usted, nice wun, one of the few vibrators albums I didn't have, the only thing is...I was gonna post The Vibrators Live@CBGBS5/5/2000 this week,looks like great minds think alike, so I'll give it a couple of weeks, and see what else I can find, didn't manage one last week, been well busy with loads of shit.

usted dijo...

it'a alright, nuzz. we'll wait for that album.
take care!

zxunami dijo...

thnx!!!! digo gracias!!!!

Anónimo dijo...



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